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By Will Dabbs, MD

R&B Tactical Lower

R&B Tactical Tools

Across the spectrum of methods with which you might legally exercise your Second Amendment rights, none is so pure, powerful and practical as your right to build a firearm at home for your personal use. According to federal law, provided that gun is not intended for commercial sale and will only be used for lawful purposes, it need not sport a serial number or be reported to the government. In short, in keeping with the intent of the Second Amendment, it’s none of the government’s business whether you own a gun. There are state and local laws that affect these rights, but let’s be honest: If your state or local government sucks that bad, you should move and take your taxes with you. For those that can, R&B Tactical has you covered.


Gunstruction: Online AR-15 Builder

In the past, building a gun was an ordeal requiring lots of expensive machinery and technical skill. Nowadays, the flower of American industry has brought this capability to the typical free citizen just a bit handy …Read the Rest

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