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By Dean Weingarten

North Carolina Supreme Court

By Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten

Arizona – -( The North Carolina Supreme Court upheld one of the most basic principles of United States law this month. The law has been under continual attack for the last hundred years, during the rise of the “progressive” state.

A great many zoning ordinances around the country are based on “model” legislation that is pushed by central planners. One of the stated premises in the legislation is that anything that is not permitted is forbidden. From a discussion of a previous zoning case in North Carolina:

Virtually all zoning ordinances are based on the premise that the ordinance shall list certain land uses that are permitted in each zoning district and that those uses not expressly permitted are prohibited. Indeed, the “permitted-use table” is a staple in most ordinances. If a new activity arises on the zoning scene that does not qualify as a listed permitted use, then it is presumed that the use is not allowed unless the ordinance is amended specifically to allow it.

That case involved the ability to use property to exercise Second Amendment rights. The owner of the property had been using …Read the Rest

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