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By Zeke Y

This past year, America saw all sorts of headlines with a Second Amendment connection. From the Bruen decision at the Supreme Court and states passing more gun control in its wake, to the mass murders in Uvalde and Buffalo that prompted poorly crafted and openly unconstitutional legislation from Congress, there was a lot to digest.
Now as we approach election day next week, the debate over guns will play out in the ballot box, and we are confident which way America will go.
Despite the Bruen precedent, which is already having ripple effects on unconstitutional gun laws across the country, anti-gun legislators in both parties and at every level of government are doubling-down or even compromising away your rights because a vocal minority demands they “do something.” This phrase, while emotionally compelling, has unfortunately also led to bad policy, like the Cornyn-Murphy gun control package passed in late June.

Think about it. Just 48 hours after the Bruen decision, President Biden signed a major gun control package into law that, among other provisions, now relegates adults aged 18-21 to being second class citizens. Nothing could be more frustrating, especially with the edict that had just come from the Supreme Court – but hey,

Source: Gun Owners of America

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