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By Dan Roberts

Corporate Tyranny Shameful Harassment
Corporate Tyranny Is Now Dictating American’s Rights

USA – -( In the aftermath of the Stoneman Douglas Mass Shooting, several corporate entities, unnecessarily fearful of, and bowing to the pressure of gun control groups, have enacted numerous different policies promoting to gun control.

Dicks Sporting Goods was the first, creating a firestorm when they announced publicly that they were pulling so called “assault weapons” from the shelves of their Field & Stream Stores, ceasing sales of “hi-capacity magazines” and other accessories and raising the age to purchase ALL firearms to 21. Walmart Corp quickly followed suit, and both companies are currently facing lawsuits as a result.

Then came the withdrawal of numerous companies from the NRA Member Discount Benefit Program. The impact here is somewhat unclear. Many NRA members didn’t use the available discounts at all and they universally stated on social media that those discounts were hardly a deciding factor in why they joined or remained NRA Members. What’s more clear is this Anti Gun/SJW driven boycott sparked a massive increase in donations to the NRA and increases in membership, including from people overseas, such as in Australia. People were joining the NRA for the first time, in a show of …Read the Rest

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