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By Tom Knighton

There’s a perception being propagated by the media right now that young people are rabidly anti-gun. That’s why they put high school kids on the news every night, intent on telling us what to think and what to believe.

However, it seems that Millennials, for all the guff they get from people like yours truly, aren’t part of the anti-Second Amendment problem right now. In fact, they seem to be fairly pro-gun as a generation.

Millennials aren’t more liberal on gun control than their parents or grandparents, according to recent polls. To the contrary, there’s some evidence that gun control is supported less by people 30 and younger now than previous generations.

Gallup has been surveying adults under 30 for the past three years, and on average, they were just 1 percentage point more likely to support gun restrictions than the national average of 57 percent.

“Young people statistically aren’t that much different than anybody else,” Gallup Editor-in-Chief Frank Newport told NPR.

With millennials being more liberal on same-sex marriage and marijuana legalization, some might assume they would also be more liberal on gun control, but that was not the case. “Sometimes, people surprise us, and this is one of those …Read the Rest

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