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By Dan Zimmerman


By Jeff the Griz

The other day while reading TTAG RF asked, “What’s the most important gun you own?” This got me thinking…I know dangerous, right? I thought about what firearms are important to me. I have my first gun, a single shot .410 from my 10th Birthday. I have my first deer rifle. I have others, and I have a lot more on my wish list. But the question got me thinking about something that I have been thinking about off and on for a while – family heirlooms . . .

My father-in-law has a collection he will be passing to my wife’s brother consisting of antique deer rifles, including a 1930’s Savage 99 with a lot of scratches from Great-Grandpa’s hook after he lost his hand in a farming accident. I encouraged my own grandfather to pass his deer rifles to my younger cousin who is new to hunting and has been fortunate to spend more time with him in the woods than I have. My father has had to sell most of his guns after his small business went bust, but I have been happy to help him add to his collection.

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