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By Dan Zimmerman



Although I’m typically not one that’s interested in the lightest, smallest, or most generic offering out there, the Ruger American Ranch Rifle appealed to me. With a 16” threaded barrel and a weight of just under 6lbs, it seemed like a handy little rifle to have – either for a fun day on the range or for deer hunting. This rifle is equipped with a somewhat-standard 13 ¾” length of pull; although there is a compact version that is just over one inch less. In addition, the American series of rifles incorporate a rotary magazine design that, in the case of small case rifle rounds, holds five . . .



The 300 Blackout cartridge has always appealed to me, though I’ve never ran out and bought one. Compact, good ballistics, the availability of brass, and other attributes make it a great cartridge. Over the past years, it has been well-received and increasingly popular with the AR folks. However, I’m not much of an AR shooter myself (gasp) and I’ve been waiting for a well priced bolt gun. The Remington 700 was a bit too heavy for my taste. I also liked the Remington 7 AAC but …read more

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