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By Dan Zimmerman


By Bud Harton

Over the years, I have read a lot of posts all over the Internet badmouthing the M60 machinegun. I always thought that strange because that wasn’t my experience at all. Back in 966-68, I used an M60 every day and I would guess that I fired in excess of a half-million rounds through mine. The video above is of me and my buddy Jim who was a fellow crew chief on another aircraft. On the day the video was made he was flying with me because his aircraft was down for maintenance . . .

Jim stayed in Vietnam just as long as I did, but he was truly a badass. Once, in a landing zone, when we were both still on “slicks” – the UH-1D troop carriers – one of the aircraft in our flight hit a tree stump on landing and rolled over on the its left side, pinning the gunner and one grunt.

We had landed in a partially flooded rice paddy and while an aircraft hovered up to the rolled-over bird, Jim climbed up on top of the downed aircraft and attached a rope to the cargo hook of the …read more

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