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By Dan Zimmerman


I grew up in a gun-free household in the outskirts of Los Angeles. I shot a few times with the Boy Scouts on my way to becoming an Eagle, so I was familiar with firearms, but that was my only firearms experience. My perception of firearms drastically changed in the summer of 1998 when I witnessed a poorly planned, poorly executed bank robbery . . .

I was on my way to my summer job and decided to stop by a bank near the university I was to attend that fall in order to open an account. It was 8:15 AM or so and I was ready to open the account and then hit the road for a long drive.

As I stood at the first window to make my deposit, a man walked in with a gun held high and announced “This is a stick up! Nobody be a hero….” I kid you not. He had no gloves, no mask, and put finger and shoe prints all over the counter without a thought as he hopped over.

He did not point the gun at me, but I recognized the weapon as he emptied out the cash drawer directly in front of me. …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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