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By Dan Zimmerman


By William Joyner

Former Monsanto shill and current AstroTurf organizer Shannon Watts is at it again. This time in a CNN op-ed bemoaning the ability of recent terrorist shooters to pass background checks. How does semantics come in to play? It’s all in what’s NOT said . . .

Watts has stated,

We’re still learning the facts about what happened in Chattanooga, however, recent media reports indicate the gunman took advantage of the online gun sale loophole and purchased at least one of his firearms where he knew he could buy a gun with no background check, no questions asked.

Left out of this statement: the fact that he also purchased some of his weapons after passing a background check.

Regarding the Charleston shooter,

And a month has passed since the Charleston shooting, and we’re learning a lot about the white supremacist who violently disrupted the sanctity of a Bible study and about how he got his gun. We now know the accused killer bought his gun from a federally licensed dealer with an incomplete background check.

Left out of this one: the fact that, due to a paperwork error on the part of the local law enforcement, the Charleston shooter would never have …read more

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