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By Gregory Smith

In New Hampshire, your concealed carry permit has to be approved by your city’s police chief. So if he hates guns, if you have a DWI, he is free to use his judgement and deny your 2nd Amendment Rights. Constitutional Carry could stop this problem from happening.

When a Franklin man applied for a license to carry a concealed firearm, the city’s police chief, David Goldstein, ran a records check.

What he found was a lengthy motor vehicle record that included several DWI convictions. Goldstein used his judgment and denied the application.

“There’s a question of responsibility here,” he said, adding that the man can appeal in court.

A so-called constitutional carry bill making its way through the State House would take those decisions out of Goldstein’s hands.

Gun owners in New Hampshire currently need to obtain a license to carry a loaded firearm concealed, hidden in a purse or beneath a coat.

The legislation would effectively remove the license altogether, allowing anyone who can legally own a gun to conceal that firearm without any kind of paperwork.

At the heart of the debate is New Hampshire’s conceal carry statute, which leaves it up to local police departments and, in some cases, selectmen to determine whether state …read more

Via:: Selling the Second Amendment

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