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By Chase Welch

Once you have established a defensive mindset, goals and mission, it’s time to train to ensure success. Like your mindset and defense plan, training needs to be based on a realistic assessment of circumstances and necessary skills. In turn, selecting practical training courses to develop the ability to succeed is paramount.
When your goal is successfully defending your family and home, you will need a solid grasp of fundamental marksmanship. If your marksmanship skills are weak – and depending on the type and caliber of your go-to gun – overpenetration maybe an issue.
Anyone who wants to be ready to defend their home must be ready to do so at night under various lighting conditions. CQB and low light classes are a must for the home defender. (Photo: Chase Welch/
Most bullets, especially handgun bullets and buckshot pellets from shotguns, are able to penetrate walls of residential buildings with enough velocity to fatally wound a person. So, if your family is on the other side of those walls, the price of a miss can be extremely high. You need to be able to quickly hit what you’re aiming at and nothing else! So, mastering the fundamentals of marksmanship should be a priority.
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