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By John Falkenberg

Should you be adding your cap and ball revolver to your concealed carry options?

I’m gonna answer that one real quick for you: nah, you really shouldn’t. But in fairness, the video shown below demonstrates how close you can get to a really serviceable defensive tool for concealed carry, and it’s surprising.

When I was taking my CCH class, the question of whether someone could being a cap and ball revolver as their carry tool was almost the first thing asked.

The first thought I had was: seriously? Why?

I’ve got a cap and ball revolver — I probably will always keep at least one around; I love black powder. They’re a blast (heh!) at the range, and not too expensive to run all day long.

And all day long you will run, because those suckers are a pain to reload quickly.

And that, dear readers, is where we bring in YouTube gun guru Paul Harrell.

If you’ve read Concealed Nation for long, you’ve probably read a reference to the man before — his credentials and expertise really are about as good as they get. That’s going to help us in our journey here, because as Harrell explores the topic, he completes a couple of tests …Read the Rest

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