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By Brandon Curtis

WICHITA, KANSAS — A customer was standing in line inside a gas station when four armed men came in and began a robbery, but that customer in line was armed with a gun of his own.

When one of the armed robbers tried to personally rob that customer, he drew his gun and shot the armed robber in the head.

Police do not know if any of the other three robbers were hit by the armed customer, but the one that was hit is currently in the hospital in critical condition.

“In our state here in Kansas, we do have open carry and carry concealed,”
Lt. Chris Halloran said. “So individuals breaking the law may never know when someone in line at a store, in this example, (has a gun). That’s what happened in this case.”

Several shots were fired, but it is not known if they all came from the armed citizen, or if one or more of the armed robbers fired shots as well.

With a concealed carry state of mind, we have to be ready for these types of …Read the Rest

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