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By John Falkenberg

COLLEGE HILL, OH — A concealed carrier was on a walk with his wife and his two dogs when he was violently accosted by an unleashed and aggressive dog, said to be a pit bull, WKRC reports.

After being bitten multiple times and the owner of the pit bull trying to stop the attack, the armed man had little choice but to put the animal down.

As WLWT 5 reports:

Authorities said a man and woman were walking two dogs just before 9 p.m. Tuesday on Bobolink Drive.

While on the walk, the pair was confronted by a pit bull not on a leash. Police said the dog bit the man twice on his lower leg.

The owner of the pit bull came out and tried to calm the dog down, authorities said. When the owner was unable to calm the dog, the man who was bitten shot it dead.

The owner of the pit bull has been cited, as well they should. Their actions not only resulted in the death of a pet, but injured one man fairly seriously and traumatized the guy who had to kill the poor animal.

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