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By Jon Wayne Taylor


Being shot and having to treat yourself is not ideal. I went over the basics of what to do if you are shot in a previous TTAG post. The nice thing about treating yourself is that you don’t have many options, so you can focus on doing those few things really well. In this post, we’ll go over what to do if someone else is shot. I would recommend reading that first post for some specific treatment methods that we will gloss over here . . .

First things first, just like when you are shot, if someone else is shot, your first order of work should be ending the threat. If the threat is ongoing, that means returning fire. Like we said the last article, the best medicine on any battlefield is fire superiority. You must limit the opponent’s ability to fire and maneuver. But once that’s done, and you and the victim(s) are safe, it’s time to get to work. And this time you have a lot more options, and you may have a lot more work to do.

Before we get into how to treat a gun shot wound (GSW), we have to get into deciding who gets …read more

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