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By Robert Farago

“Three people were killed in downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado, on Saturday morning before city police officers shot and killed a suspect, said the sheriff’s office of El Paso County,” reports. Noah Harpham shot and killed a bicyclist and two women. Witnesses said the man set the second floor of a residence on fire. reports “He walked down the street with his weapons in plain view and refused to surrender them when police ordered him to, causing them to open fire and kill him, though they have not yet confirmed that their weapons actually did kill him, only that he is dead.” The anti-gun rights crowd have focused on the fact that . . .

Harpham was “open carrying” when he started his killing spree. The Coalition to Stop Gn Violence, for example, has held up the crime as an example of the “degenerate gun culture” and the inherent dangers of open carry.

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