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By Justin Stakes

Color Changing Target From LaserLyte Tests Situational Awareness

Practice low-light Shoot/No Shoot drills with Color Guard trainer target

Color Changing Target From LaserLyte Tests Situational Awareness
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Cottonwood, AZ -( LaserLyte, innovators in firearms laser technologies, are keeping shooters on their toes with a new real-world training simulator known as the Color Guard trainer target.

Ideal for low-light scenarios with or without the use of a flashlight, the Color Guard target presents friendly and enemy targets by randomly alternating between four illuminated colors: Red, Yellow, Blue and Green. Each vibrant color flashes quickly and requires the user to shoot/no shoot with any LaserLyte Laser Trainer. Shooting the target when it flashes “enemy” blue or green scores a point on the integrated LED scoreboard, while shooting “friendly” red or yellow subtracts a point.

The Color Guard trainer target tests situational awareness in regular or low-light conditions with visual and audible feedback of hits and misses. All the features of the new Color Guard target come in a custom package that perfectly challenges shooters to make intuitive, reactionary decisions on friendly and enemy targets.


  • Product Number: TLB-CG
  • Activation: LaserLyte Laser Trainers – All
  • Four randomized color changes: Green, Blue (shoot); Red, Yellow (no shoot)
  • LED scoreboard tracks hits and misses
  • Batteries: 2 …read more

    Source:: AmmoLand

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