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By Van Harl

Color Case Matched Henry Rifle & Ruger Handgun
Color Case Matched Henry Rifle & Ruger Handgun

USA – -( The old Ruger Blackhawk single action revolver, chambered in 357 mag was showing its age and demonstrating lots of wear spots. The extra 9mm cylinder was in even worse shape. The handgun needed some internal repairs and it needed a facelift. Bobby Tyler of Tyler Gun Works told me to send it to him in Friona, Texas (

Bobby is the premier gunsmith when it comes to having a firearm color case finished. I have a Henry large caliber steel lever action rifle in 30-30 that Bobby had color case finished and it is extremely pleasing to the eye. There is a color case finished tomahawk to accent that 30-30 Henry. Bobby does the custom color case finishing of the factory produced Henry rifles in 30-30 and 45-70 (

When I saw my first Henry Big Boy steel rifle with a color case finish I knew that rifle in 357 mag needed to become the forever companion of the Ruger Blackhawk that was down in Texas at Bobby’s gun shop getting the firearms Spa treatment.

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