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By James England

WICHITA, KANSAS — Wichita Sen. Oletha Faust-Goudeau (D) recently submitted a bill that would exempt public state colleges and universities from complying with a previous state mandate to allow concealed carry on campus. Unfortunately for her, it was sunk in committee as it failed to advance to the floor.

If you’re noticing a pattern here, you’re not alone. As more states eliminate colleges and universities as “gun free zones”, there’s a flurry of last minute bills to try to stop that from happening.

Gun control advocates will issue an endless litany of merit-less statements about safety. after all, why should people pursuing an education have the right to their Second Amendment?

Despite arguments against the 2013 state mandate and the staunch condemnation of gun control advocates, students appear comforted by the fact that their admission to Kansas State will include their ability to carry firearms.

via FOX 4 Kansas City News

“I’ve spoke to a lot of people that I go to school with, and that I will go to school with next year at the University of Kansas,” said Andrew Lee, a student at St. James Academy. “They have based their decision to go that university specifically because of the conceal carry …Read the Rest

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