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By Tom Knighton

Beto O’Rourke’s mandatory buyback scheme had its moment in the sun. His fellow Democrats seemed to fawn all over it. Some formally endorsing it while the only candidate to push back on it came from a place of pragmatism rather than morality. It seemed that O’Rourke’s plan might well make it to the White House sooner or later, even if he didn’t.

That was then, though.

Now, we see the former congressman facing pushback on the issue from CNN of all places.

During the Ohio presidential debate, O’Rourke drew attention from the moment where he and Pete Buttigieg clashed on whether the buyback proposal is a feasible solution to gun violence in America. In a follow-up conversation with Alisyn Camerota, O’Rourke was asked “How do you plan to get assault weapons away from people who don’t want to give them up?”

“As with any law in this country, we would expect our fellow Americans to follow the law,” he answered. “We’re a nation of laws and no person is above the law. No matter how much they may disagree with a given law…This is the right thing to do. And I fully expect my fellow Americans to …Read the Rest

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