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By Bob Owens

full retard

From the very beginning, CNN has been deeply invested in crafting the fictional narratives driving the Black Lives Matter movement. Now that domestic terrorists aligned with the movement have carried out murderous ambushes of police officers in Dallas, Baton Rouge, and at at least a half-dozen other cities in recent weeks, the cable news channel is clearly looking to provide a smokescreen for their political allies.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Joshua Berlinger are clearly desperate to exonerate Black Lives Matter, and have attempted to concoct a laughable defense of Black Lives Matter terrorism as they flippantly damn generations of honorable combat veterans.

G___ L___*, the man who shot six law enforcement officers Sunday in Baton Rouge, Louisiana — killing three — suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, a source involved in the investigation told CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

Long joined the Marine Corps in 2005 and worked as a data network specialist, according to the U.S. military.

Ladies and gentlemen, this Black Lives Matter terrorist in Baton Rouge was a military computer geek. While he did serve a brief stint in Iraq, he never went on a single combat patrol, and never saw the horrors of war. Those who served would recognize him as …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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