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CMP Acquires Surplus Ammunition with Upcoming Sales at Matches
The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) has announced the acquisition of vast quantities of surplus ammunition: M2 Ball (.30-06 Springfield), .30 Carbine, .22 Pistol, and .22 Long Rifle. This surplus ammunition supply will become available to CMP customers, and will be sold at matches to CMP shooters. The recently-acquired surplus ammunition supplies are being assessed and cataloged by CMP personnel.
The CMP intends on maintaining a surplus ammo inventory large enough to support CMP Matches for the next several years and to provide discounted surplus ammo to competitors attending CMP events. All sales will include set limits to remain in compliance with guidelines specified in the Memorandum of Agreement between the Department of the Army and the CMP. In addition, some types of rimfire and centerfire ammunition are available for purchase through the CMP eStore.
“The CMP plans to make the ammunition available to our loyal constituents sometime this spring, after the surplus ammo goes through all CMP in-processing procedures”. said Mark Johnson, CMP’s Chief Operating Officer and Director of Civilian Marksmanship. “Purchase limits and restrictions will be set to ensure that the mission of CMP is well served.”

NOTE: This video shows an M1 Garand

Source: Accurate Shooter

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