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By Bob Owens


Campaigning in South Carolina today, Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton argued that accident victims and people who were intentionally run down in hit-and-run attacks with vehicles should be able to sue the automotive industry for damages incurred.

Clinton pointed out that almost every vehicle sold in the United States is capable of exceeding the speed limit and may be obtained by criminals second-hand, and often times illegally, to justify her position.

“So far as I know, the car industry and car dealers are the only business in America that is totally free of liability for their behavior. Nobody else is given that immunity. And that just illustrates the extremism that has taken over this debate.”

It’s an absurd argument, isn’t it?

Democrat Hillary Clinton has repeatedly argued since October of 2015 that a major American industry employing tens of thousands of people and generating hundreds of millions of dollars in salaries should be allowed to be sued out of existence in frivolous lawsuits because criminals misused a legally manufactured and legally sold product—often after buying it “hot” on the black market or stealing it themselves—and then used that product to hurt and kill innocent people.

According to Clinton, survivors of car violence should …Read the Rest

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