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By Justin Stakes

Clean up with Otis Technology's Buy One/Get One Ripcord Promotion
Clean up with Otis Technology’s Buy One/Get One Ripcord Promotion
Otis Technology Gun Care
Otis Technology Gun Care

Lyons Falls, NY -( Starting July 1, shooters and hunters can visit Otis Technology’s website to buy a Ripcord one-pass gun cleaner and get one free.

Simply go to, select the Ripcords of choice and enter promo code RCBOGO upon checkout. The promotion offers up to four free Ripcords; mix and match any available models (calibers and gauges) according to preference.

The Otis Ripcord buy one/get one promotion runs through August 31, 2016.

“This is a great opportunity to stock up on the fastest one-pass cleaner for pistols, rifles and shotguns,” said Heather Bennett, Otis Technology’s marketing manager. “It’s smart gun care, as well as a wise use of your hard-earned dollars.”

Ripcord is made with advanced materials to clean residue and fouling from every kind of firearm in just one pass. It is engineered with a Memory-Flex cable to run through a pistol, rifle or shotgun from Breech-to-Muzzle, with no gravity feed necessary. A rigid, helix-shaped rubber core keeps the cleaning surface pressed against the bore, engaging the rifling …Read the Rest

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