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Now through Sunday, July 30th, 2023, classic military rifles will fill the firing lines at Camp Perry. The National John C. Garand, Springfield, Vintage and Modern Military Match (GSMM) commenced on the 26th, and will run through this upcoming Sunday the 30th, with the one-day Springfield M1A Match on Sunday only. (See CMP Camp Perry 2023 Calendar.) Some participants will shoot just one rifle type, but there is also a combined GSMM 4-Gun Aggregate. This GSSM Agg encompasses a series of position shooting matches on NRA SR targets at the CMP Nationals. As the matches are completed, day by day, results will be posted on the CMP National Matches Results Page.

This video shows the Garand Match at Camp Perry. The rifles are still the same a decade later…

The annual GSMM event is one of the most popular events at Camp Perry, drawing participants from around the nation. One of America’s top GSSM shooters is Brian Williams, who was profiled in our Daily Bulletin. The 4-gun Aggregate includes Garand, 1903 Springfield/1917 Enfield (or similar bolt rifle), M1 Carbine, and AR-type rifle for “Modern Military”. Remarkably, Brian has won the GSMM 4-Gun at the CMP National Matches in Camp Perry three years

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