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By Philip Van Cleave

Machelle J. Eppes Circuit Court Clerk

ACTION ITEM for Prince Edward County members and readers.

Machelle J. Eppes Circuit Court Clerk
Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Virginia – -( One of our members and his wife in Prince Edward County, VA have had a ridiculously hard time handing over their CHP applications to the Circuit Court Clerk, Machelle J. Eppes. The member and his wife had to make multiple trips to get it done!

The problem is that they only accept applications during certain hours, but don’t say so anywhere. The office hours also seem fluid, with the member’s wife showing up early afternoon to find the office closed with no sign indicating why, or even when they would be back!

I could find NO information on applying for concealed handgun permits on the Clerk’s website. No procedures or times when an application can be turned in. You wouldn’t even know they processed CHP applications if all you saw was the website.

So I called and talked to the Clerk. She seemed totally unconcerned about the situation (I have a recording of the call, BTW). I explained that she should have something about how to apply for a CHP …Read the Rest

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