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By Laura Burgess

Cimarron Firearms 1860 Henry Civilian model with 24 inch barrel

Cimarron’s 1860 Henry rifle, reproduced from an original Belonging to Aldo Uberti, would make Benjamin Tyler Henry proud!

Cimarron Firearms 1860 Henry Civilian model with 24 inch barrel

Fredericksburg, Texas ( – One of the most iconic guns of the American West is the Henry Repeating rifle, a lever-action, breech-loading, “sixteen-shooter” rifle originally produced by the New Haven Arms Company in New Haven, Connecticut, part of the famed “gun alley.” Since its inception and limited run, the Henry rifle has been beloved by homesteaders, cowboys, soldiers, frontiersmen and the law.

As the forerunner to today’s modern lever-action, the Henry is still one of the most prevalent iconic symbols of the Old West, and one of the most reproduced.

With some storied antique rifles selling for upward of $50,000, manufacturers have been quick to exploit its popularity.

The Cimarron Firearms 1860 Henry Repeating Rifle is unique among the imposters. Like many of Cimarron’s replicas, the basis of its design is an actual antique in the Cimarron collection. Using an authentic Henry rifle as the platform for the new replica, Cimarron utilizes modern technologies and machining, combined with old world craftsmanship and an astute attention to historic details, such as the original-type sling swivels and …Read the Rest

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