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By Beth Baumann

Chris Kyle

Four years ago today, America lost one of its greatest heroes, American Sniper Chris Kyle. Kyle was a Navy SEAL and known as the deadliest sniper in American history, with more than 150 confirmed kills.

After retiring from the Navy SEALs, Kyle dedicated himself to helping other veterans deal with their post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). For some veterans, going to the range is therapeutic and helps with signs of PTSD.

On the day of his death, Kyle and his friend, Chad Littlefield, took a veteran to a local shooting range. The veteran used Kyle’s guns to kill Kyle and Littlefield.

Over the last four years, Taya Kyle, Chris’ wife, has written a book about her family’s military experience and what it’s like being the spouse to a military member. She has toured the country giving motivational speeches to fellow veterans and their families.

Before his death, Chris was working on launching the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation (CKFF), which he envisioned as a support system for service and first responders’ families. Taya decided to launch the CKFF to continue with Chris’ vision.

The foundation is dedicated to helping military and first responders’ families work through the difficult challenges that are often associated with …Read the Rest

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