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By James England

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — After a hit-and-run left one bystander critically injured, witnesses say Matthew Shaykin, 31, just kept driving. Thankfully, there was an armed citizen right behind him. Shaykin was stopped and forced out of his car at gunpoint until police arrived. Las Vegas police initially drew their firearms on the Good Samaritan but the gunowner complied with their requests and they quickly realized what he was doing.

It was a tense situation that could have gone multiple ways but, according to Las Vegas Now (click for video), Shaykin will be facing felony hit-and-run charges associated with the crime. As for the Good Samaritan, he told news reporters he doesn’t regret pursuing the suspect but if he had to do it all over again, he would have refrained from drawing his handgun.

There’s a lot of good that came from this and much respect goes out to those willing to defend and protect both themselves and those around them — especially when a violent felony has taken place.

A citizen’s arrest can be a very tricky thing because we’re not sworn officers of the law. Thankfully, the man-of-the-hour knew the correct course of action was to sit tight until police …Read the Rest

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