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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

Carry a Sub-Compact Pistol Without Sacrificing Tactical Optics
Carry a Sub-Compact Pistol Without Sacrificing Tactical Optics

U.S.A.-( The most popular pistol models sold today are sub-compact, “pocket pistol” designs, leaving little room for accessories and optical sights. Additionally, a streamlined concealed carry approach holsters the pistol safely out of sight, while still enabling the armed citizen to draw quickly if needed. The lack of an electronic sight that is small, rugged, reliable and reasonably priced has meant that red dots are not often a consideration for concealed carry permit holders… until now.

Holosun’s new HS407K and HS507K micro sights solve these problems while allowing concealed carry pistol owners to couple their firearm with a highly effective sighting solution. While these units are compact, each offers a serious suite of features that rivals any full-sized sight on the market.

The HS407K and HS507K offer the same incredible 50,000 hours of battery life capability found on larger Holosun sights. Both units also feature our Shake Awake™ technology. This auto on/auto-off feature allows the optic to remain ready when you need it and conserve battery life when you don’t.

The HS407K uses a simple and accurate 6 MOA dot reticle. The HS507K uses our Multi-Reticle System (M.R.S.<img …Read the Rest

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