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By Tom Knighton

What happened last week at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Maryland was horrific. Many of us in the field of journalism on all levels watched in horror and thought about how easily this could have happened to a newsroom we were involved with. Many of us have angered people to some extent, often to the point of people wanting us dead.

Frankly, it’s part of the job. To do it right, you’re sometimes going to anger people.

Most, however, complain loudly and maybe write a nasty letter to the editor. On Thursday last week, someone went much further than that.

As horrible as it was, though, you’ve got to hand it to one member of the editorial board. Trudy McFall, a community member of the editorial board, saw an opportunity in the tragedy, it seems. After all, people died, so why not beat the drum of gun control while you can.

I write stunned and with tears in my eyes. On Thursday, the Capital was attacked in another of this country’s tragic gun massacres and five devoted journalists are gone.

It is a bitter and terrible irony that having just completed serving as a community member of the Capital Editorial Board, I …Read the Rest

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