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By Doug Gilmer

Dead Down Wind Wind Detector

By Doug Gilmer
Doug’s answer to can you hunt with a handgun? Heck Yeah you can. I love handgun hunting…

First Deer with a Handgun : Your first deer with a handgun is always a reason to be proud and celebrate the time and effort gone into a successful hunt.
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AmmoLand Gun News


Dead Down Wind Wind Detector :

But why hunt with a handgun? Handgun hunting for me is appealing because it is so much like bow hunting. Unless you are shooting a specialty pistol chambered in a rifle caliber, it is a short range game. While I appreciate the skills some shooters have to shoot game a half mile away, this is not that type of hunting I enjoy. I prefer using the skills needed to get close to the game I hunt. I seldom hunt from tree stand, partly because I enjoy still hunting and partly because I most often hunt alone and in an area with no cell phone service. If I have a tree stand accident (even though I always wear a harness) I cannot call for help.

Whether you hunt on the ground or in a stand, having …Read the Rest

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