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Report based on story by Sheri Trusty, CMP Feature Writer
Major smallbore (rimfire) prone rifle competitions took place July 8-12, 2023 at the Camp Perry National matches. This year, CMP competitors had the added benefit of scoring with Kongsberg Target System (KTS) technology which employs electronic acoustic sensors to determine shot location. Scoring is instantly displayed on user-friendly, touch-screen monitors at the shooter’s side. Mark Del Cotto, a two-time NRA Smallbore Prone Champion, observed: “This is a really nice setup for electronic targets. It’s much easier to shoot the match. It’s quicker, it saves money on paper targets, and there are no rain delays. This is an absolute treat to get to shoot like this.”

The 4-Day Smallbore compeition at the Petrarca range included two days of Iron Sight Championship Matches and two days of Any Sight Matches (scope optional). “Each day, competitors shoot 160 record shots, all fired from prone position”, noted CMP Smallbore Program Manager Brad Donoho. “They do a 40-shot match at 50 meters, a 60-shot match at 50 yards, and a 60-shot match at 100 yards.”
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Competitor Mark Del Cotto said marksmen were disappointed when the NRA

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