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By Ammoland


USA – -( Calling all Oath Keepers, all three Percenters, all patriots, all Americans who believe children shouldn’t be threatened with death for going to school or for attending a school field trip to D.C. – it is time to stand up to the terroristic insanity of the far left.

It’s time to stand for the rights of free speech, assembly, and association and to stand against terrorism, by standing for the students of Covington Catholic High School, and standing up for their right to go to school without being murdered by hate-filled terrorists. Starting on Wednesday, January 30, 2019, join us outside the school to make a public stand in support of the students.

What: Stand on the sidewalk outside the school to show your support for the rights of the students and in defense of their rights. Bring your American flags and your signs of support such as “I stand with CovCath Students” or “I stand against terrorism” or “We stand against ‘face crime’” or against “hatcrime,” and if you want to wear a MAGA hat to make the point, by all means, do so.

We welcome the participation of other groups, such as AP III, <a target="_blank" …Read the Rest

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