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By Jennifer Cruz

When authorities in Suffolk County, Massachusetts, responded to a call about an assault over the weekend, they found a bit more than a badly beaten man — namely guns, drugs, and lots and lots of cash.
The assault victim was lured to an apartment in Revere by three men, who promptly proceeded to beat him with a hammer and a baseball bat, all the while threatening the man with a gun.
It’s unclear how the victim got away or who called the police, but when officers arrived, they found the victim disoriented and suffering from cuts on his face. Officers also found a bag outside containing half a dozen handguns and a MAC-10 with a silencer, which the victim identified as the weapon used to threaten him. Additionally, officers found a large amount of ammunition, multiple magazines, more than three pounds of marijuana and $94,000 in cash.
According to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, which provided a video of the seized items, said the man’s assault was the result of an outstanding drug debt.
Arrested were John Ballantine, 28; Daniel Ballantine, 24; and Jasmin Tihic, 22.
[ Mass Live ]
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