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By Chris Eger

Proposals to expand lifetime gun bans and make it harder to get a concealed carry permit are speeding to Gov. Jerry Brown. The measures — Assembly Bills 1927, 1968, 2103, and 3129 — passed the state legislature with generally strong support from lawmakers this week and now head to the state’s Democratic governor for further consideration.
AB 1927 would study crafting a law to allow individuals to voluntarily jettison their own gun rights. A similar law was enacted in Washington earlier this year, aimed at curbing suicides. The measure was unanimously approved in both the state Senate and Assembly. Introduced by Assemblymember Rob Bonta, a San Francisco Democrat, with strong support from gun control groups, it was painted as a measure to protect people from themselves by scrapping their gun rights.
“We know suicide can be an impulsive decision that most survivors regret,” Bonta said. “Guns are lethal and, unfortunately, rarely allow for second chances. Driven by research showing a correlation between gun purchases and suicidal actions, this bill gives people the power to create a potentially life-saving barrier.”
The second bill, AB 1968, makes it a lifetime firearm prohibition for those who have been admitted to a mental health facility under certain


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