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By Chris Eger

Brown, shown speaking at the WEF’s Sustainable Development Impact Summit earlier this week, had varied opinions on some of California’s new gun bills on Wednesday. (Photo: Brown’s Press Office)
California’s Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown acted on five gun control measures this week, rejecting a pair that would expand gun laws while signing others.
Among some 70 bills processed by the outgoing governor on Wednesday was rejecting a measure paving the way for individuals to “86” their own gun rights as well as one to increase the pool of those who can seek gun violence restraining orders to seize firearms from those thought to be at risk.
AB 1927, vetoed by Brown, aimed to study crafting a law to allow individuals to voluntarily jettison their own gun rights. A similar law was enacted in Washington earlier this year, aimed at curbing suicides.
The measure was unanimously approved in both the state Senate and Assembly. Introduced by Assemblymember Rob Bonta, a San Francisco Democrat, with strong support from gun control groups, it was painted as a measure to protect people from themselves by scrapping their gun rights.
“While this is an interesting area of inquiry, I do not believe that we need to mandate additional study of


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