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By Chris Eger

The Cartridge Family announced last week they are out of business after more than three years in Shasta County. (Photo: TCF)
A small California ammo manufacturer has closed its doors, placing the blame on a combination of industry factors and harsh new requirements.
The Cartridge Family has pulled its website and said goodbyes on social media, bowing out of the ammo game. Among the nails in the shop’s coffin after more than three years of business were “lurking new laws here in California” and “the influx of foreign ammunition marketed at very low prices” over the past several months.
Mike Schroeder, TCF’s owner, told local media he couldn’t compete with a new trend in price drops and rebates from larger ammo makers.
“A lot of these dealers and distributors are finding it almost impossible to stay in business unless they compete with whatever they can find at the cheapest price, and we weren’t the cheapest, and we were never going to be the cheapest,” Schroeder told KRCTV.
On top of the soft market, Schroeder said the specter of Proposition 63’s ammo regulation requirements made it that much harder to remain in business. Part of Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s successful “Safety for All” voter referendum, the


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