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By James England

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA — If it wasn’t already difficult to be a legal gun owner in the state of California, now there are about to be new rules to how Californians acquire ammunition.

The California Senate passed Senate Bill 1235 and Assembly Bill 156 on a 24-15 vote in favor. The Governor of California will now have to decide whether or not to veto the measure which would inevitably require the legal purchase of ammunition to be accompanied by a background check.

Measures also include language to remove the ability of a person to borrow a gun for up to 30 days without a background check — essentially hurting gun ranges that allow people to try out guns prior to purchase.

Senate Bill 1235 would extend the laws regarding the distribution and record-keeping associated with people and their registered firearms to include ammunition as well.

The bill, if signed, would be enacted on July 1, 2019. It would require ammunition vendors to submit information to the Department of Justice for transactions involving ammunition. This record would be kept on file for two years and would be used to compare against a California-maintained database on a list of people prohibited from owning firearms.

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