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Splatterburst 1″ circles, 62 per sheet, 10-pk $9.99. These can be pasted on other paper backers.
We’ve all seen conventional splatter targets with a single large black bullseye. When a shot hits the target, a halo (usually neon yellow) appears around the bullet hole. This makes it easier to see your shot placements indoors, or at long range outdoors. Today we feature a variety of other targets that also offer the cool halo/splatter effect. We’ve found grids, multiple bull targets, sheets with 62 one-inch circle pasters, handgun training targets, and even white background splatter targets (that produce black halos). Try out some of these targets for fun (kids love plinking with splatter targets).

Shoot-N-C 12″x12″ Sight-In Grid, 12-pk $22.69

Shoot-N-C Handgun Training Target, 5-pk $11.21

Here is a good video review of a variety of Splatterburst Targets:

Splatterburst 12″x12″ sight-in target, 12-pk $12.99

Splatterburst 3″ circles, 9 per sheet, 25-pk $16.99

These WHITE Shoot-N-C Targets produce Black Shot Halos on White Backgrounds:

Shoot-N-C 12″ Grid Sight-in, 5-pk, $10.99(black shot halos)

Shoot-N-C 8″ White bullseye, 6-pk, $8.87(black shot halos)

BLUE Splatter Targets
Ever Seen BLUE Splatter Targets?
Check Out These Big Dawg Targets…

Big Dawg 4″ circles, 5 per sheet, 25-pk $11.99

Big Dawg 18″x24″ Silhouette, 10-pk $28.99

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