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The Burris Eliminator 6 Rangefinder scope has earned Ballistic Magazine’s award for “Best Hunting Optic”. Even at $3000.00 MSRP, this is a pretty amazing optic. It incorporates a laser rangefinder plus a set of environmental sensors. Plus it communicates, via BlueTooth, with the Burris Connect App which holds ballistics data for multiple loads. Basically, just range your target, and the Eliminator 6 does the rest — the digital DOPE card works with ­the scope’s illuminated X177 reticle to display the precise holdover aiming point for the ranged distance.
The Eliminator 6 impressed testers: “[We] had a chance to try out the Burris Eliminator at Athlon Outdoors’ Rendezvous event”, said Linas Cernauskas, Content Director. “The Eliminator made getting on target, every single time, so stupid easy. This is a true game changer scope for the shooting industry, hence why it won Ballistic’s Best Editors’ Select Awards for Hunting Optic. Congratulations Burris!”
“The Eliminator 6 is, indeed, a game-changer for western game hunters and anyone who demands fast and accurate firing solutions,” said Burris Mktg. Director, Jordan Egli.

NEW Burris Eliminator 6 Laser Rangefinder Riflescope
The new, compact 4-20x52mm Burris Eliminator 6 combines a powerful laser rangefinder with multiple environmental sensors. It has easy-to-use turret controls

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