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By Rob Morse

Gun Barrel Self Defense

By Rob Morse : Opinion

Building Thoughtful Gun Owners – Defense Of Others…Or Not?
Slow Facts
Slow Facts

USA –-( You want to protect the people around you. If you teach self-defense, then you’ve had a few students who haven’t thought through what will happen after they act in another’s defense.

If you’re a new gun owner, then now is the time to think about the use of lethal force in defense of our lives or others. We can do too much as well as too little. It is too late to make fine moral distinctions in the fleeting moment when your friends need help.

Granted we will never have perfect solutions. There are huge emotional costs if you do nothing, just as there will be emotional costs if you get involved. There are financial costs as well. You’re also going to lose a year of your life even if you never spend a second in jail.

We seldom hear about those complications because the realities don’t make good headlines.

Think about it now.

There isn’t enough time to think if you have to use lethal force. It is nearly a definition. If you had enough time to think then …Read the Rest

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