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By Keith Wood


There are few things more satisfying than hearing the smack of a rifle bullet hitting a steel target at long range. Mastering a precision rifle well beyond point-blank range is a skill than eludes many shooters, because small errors in technique and puffs of wind mark the difference between a gratifying hit and a taunting miss.

Shooting reactive targets at many hundreds of yards is best accomplished with a precision rifle built for the task at hand. The market is awash in expensive custom rifles made for this type of shooting, and many of them are fantastic. But can a traditional rifle be adapted for long-range precision rifle shooting without spending five grand? We intend to find out.

Though many of us obsess over such things, finding a rifle that will hit a reasonable target at under 300 yards isn’t very hard to do. Many surplus rifles that we view as little more than junk are up to the task. Beyond that range, though, things get trickier and better equipment is often required.

We need a precision rifle that will shoot with a reasonable and repeatable level of accuracy (how good is determined by the distance to and size of the target), a …Read the Rest

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