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By Michelle Scheuermann

Brotherhood & Hunting : “Bone Collector” now on MyOutdoorTV
Brotherhood & Hunting : “Bone Collector” now on MyOutdoorTV

Denver – Everyone in the hunting community knows there’s much more to a successful hunt than just filling a tag. The camaraderie laughs, and passion for the outdoors that bring together family and friends is what makes for a great hunt.

Bone Collector is this week’s “MOTV (MyOutdoorTV) Pick of the Week.”

A true depiction of the hunting lifestyle, Bone Collecter with hosts Michael Waddell, Nick Mundt, and Travis “T-Bone” Turner shows the brotherhood of hunting while also providing world-class production.

Known for their entertaining personalities, Bone Collector documents the culture of hunting – whether bugling elk in Colorado, chasing big whitetails in Kansas or giant Nebraska mule deer –while following three dedicated and passionate sportsmen all across the globe. With a bow, shotgun or rifle in hand, Bone Collector has it all. Don’t miss out on the exciting and always entertaining Bone Collector now on MyOutdoorTV.

Recently, MOTV added 10 Seasons and more than 170 episodes of Bone Collector. Viewers are sure to get their fill of a real-life look at the hunting culture and bond shared between all who venture into the woods together.

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