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By Robert Farago

According to, “SAS: Special forces soldiers are going to play a role in domestic counter-terrorism.” So, like the French and unlike Americans, the Brits have no compunctions about deploying military troops inside the country. Hey, if you’re already sliding down the slippery slope to a police state, that’s how you roll. And to take on this new mission, the SAS are loading-up with what the Star calls super-special deadly “Man-Stopper” rounds . . .

Special soft-nose bullets designed to drop Jihadis on the spot will be issued to the crack force in the next few weeks. The bullets, described as the most lethal ever made, are manufactured by a Swiss arms company which makes ammunition for the special forces. One of bullets “hyper-expands” and has a devastating effect on a human body by causing a massive hole and almost instant death . . .

One source said that a single expanding round will blow a human head to pieces.

Another bullet being issued to the crack unit is designed to break up or fragment on impact also causing serious wounds to the victim. The bullet is designed not to pass through a body and so lessen the risk of …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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