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By Robert Farago

Over at, Ian McCollum gives us a look at the Burgess folding 12-guage repeating shotgun and a history of the man behind the gun. Faced with a patent on the pump-action shotgun, Burgess designed a cool work-around: a sleeve around the rear of the action (including the trigger) that cycles the gun. The best bit: the shotgun folds up as above. It deploys quickly and easily. Equally, it’s easily secreted in a holster. If some clever dick decided to recreate the design . . .

would the ATF require an NFA stamp for it? I’m sure they’d find way. Somehow. I mean, the whole rationale behind the tax stamp requirement for long guns with barrels under 16″ is that criminals can hide them. This despite the fact that the vast majority of criminals use handguns, and the perps who prefer long guns don’t seem to have a problem using firearms with 16″ barrels … or taking a hacksaw to the end. Bullpups? Yes, there is that. Anyway, want?

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