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By Bob Owens

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Here we go again.

Shots were fired in Columbus, Ohio last night in another apparent attempt to ambush police officers.

A large section of Columbus, Ohio was under lockdown last night after police were shot at by a man with a rifle. The police were responding to a call about shots fired near Columbus circle. When they arrived at scene, they came under fire. Police cordoned off a large section of town, including a long stretch of Cleveland Avenue.

Police assigned a SWAT team and a helicopter to aid in the search. Later, a man in an SUV was identified as a suspect, which led to a standoff . During the standoff, the suspect threw what turned out to be a hoax bomb. His SUV was blocked in by police.

Based upon reports for various media sources, the would-be cop-killer appears to have randomly fired shots into local businesses and vehicles to lure police into the area, and then engaged officers as they arrived on the scene. Fortunately for the responding officers, the suspect was unable to make any hits.

He then fled the scene, but was soon spotted and boxed in by three police armored cars …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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