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By George

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A group called the Black Power Political Organization is apparently taking credit for the Dallas police massacre that has left five officers dead and 12 wounded. They are even asking for people to join them.

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The gunman told police he was NOT affiliated with any other group, and disavowed any connection to BlackLivesMatter. This claim of responsibility may not be legitimate, but if the threats are real, it’s going to get worse out there.

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According to their now deleted Facebook page found in Google Cache,
Black Power Political Organization – BPPO #‎BlackPower! #‎BlackKnights! Our Mission Is To Free Africa And All Black Based Countries From Non Black Control! And Give Black People The Opportunity They Need To Develop Themselves And Reach Their Full Potential!

We Are A Powerful Political Group Of Patriotic, Pro Black, Pan African Leaders! Who’s Job Is To Rule And Control Africa, And All Black Based Countries! So To Avoid Corruption, Bribery, Exploitation, Non Black Control And Every Form Of Ailments Preventing Black People And Africa From Reaching It’s Full Potential!

To Accomplish Our Goal! We Will Be Working With (Black People Protection Agency AKA “BLACK KNIGHTS”)! A Powerful Group Of Well Trained Professional Sniper Assassins, With …Read the Rest

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