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By Dan Zimmerman

“A Harvard-educated lawyer who works for Gov. Cuomo was shot in the head when he was suddenly caught in the middle of a Brooklyn gunfight before Monday’s West Indian Day Parade, authorities said. First Deputy Counsel Carey Gabay, 43, who was appointed to the post in January,is now on life support as doctors prepare to harvest his organs later in the day, law-enforcement sources said.” The shooting occurred in the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn. For the geographically impaired, that’s part of New York City, one of the most gun-controlled locales in the country . . .

“It was just totally random. Some guy walked up and was spraying bullets everywhere. I can’t believe it. He was a good guy, he just didn’t deserve this” said Gabay’s weeping younger brother, Aaron McNaughton, who was with him at the time.

It is, of course, a terrible tragedy that a father-to-be would be the victim of such a senseless act. And before the usual suspects spout their sage advice in the comments about the need for razor-sharp, head-on-a-swivel situational awareness, by all accounts this was a random act of violence that even the keenest spidey senses likely wouldn’t have helped.

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